Little Mustard Seed Trust

The unofficial super girl site


The idea for Eva’s trust grew out of our desire to provide Eva with all that is available to help her lead a full life.  Eva in turn gave us a full life, filled with miracles, possibilities, and inspiration.  We want to honor what she gave all of us by continuing her mission.

Eva exuded light, determination, tenacity, resilience, and joy. She was nine years old and had cerebral palsy. Eva wanted you to see the kid, the sister, the jokester, the artist, the music-lover--who just happened to come with a special set of wheels and a service dog. She spoke with her smile, laugh, captivating presence, and perseverance.

You and I can carry her voice. 

What can you do?

Take Eva’s Pledge

Little Mustard Seed Trust’s mission was Eva’s aspiration.  Believe anything is possible and make it happen--for yourself and for people with disabilities.  Reach out, acknowledge, be a friend.  Expect equal access, inclusion, and barrier-free environments. Speak up. Live by example. Smile, activate, advocate, and live love, everyday.  For Eva, Forever. Hope and progress have many faces.  Will yours be one of them?

Thanks for visiting Eva’s site.  

We are saddened to share that Eva passed away on November 11th, 2013.  She gave everything in this life.  But the dream of Little Mustard Seed will continue as we explore how her life can be honored by providing an outlet for change for others with super abilities.